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De Mannnoname, le 20 janvier à 08:22

Dear Amiaris, I had watched the movie in 90’s on tv in Turkey. I watched it again and asked the question back in 2003. You answered it in 2012. I did not know the question was answered until this morning. I do not know why but today I suddenly wished to listen to that song again and searched again for its name online. And I see my question from 15 years ago was answered 5 years ago on this website. A lot happened since 2003, got married, have a kid now. And I can not be sure whether you are still alive and healthy. But my friend, wherever you are and whoever you are: thank you very much for the time you spent to answer my question, a total strangers question, in an excellent way. Hope you will be treated with the same kindness by every human being you get to know and meet on your life journey, in case your journey still continues. Cheers, Deniz


De Amiaris, le 13 novembre 2012 à 19:03

Salut, la chanson que tu cherche est:

Nino de murcia – El Amor

Les paroles font : El amor est tanto cosa a la vez que no se puede explicar…



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