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De Arca1943, le 30 juillet 2004 à 16:43

Hé, les éditeurs! Vous m'entendez? Il nous faut Knock en DVD. Au fond, si ce DVD n'est pas sorti, n'est-ce pas parce que les éditeurs en question ont beaucoup d'amis médecins qui ont su faire les pressions idoines pour en empêcher la diffusion? Hein? Hum? Un peu comme dans Sept morts sur ordonnance, au fond? (Pour ce type de raisonnement, voir mon fil sur La Bataille de Naples)


De Mladen, le 9 août 2004 à 13:31


I don't understand much French, so I'll write in English. I hope that's OK.

My name is Mladen Krsnik and I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I've been looking for the movie Knock, ou le triomphe de la médecine for more than 2 years.

I watched it once and I was amazed.

I'd like to ask is it possible to get DVD or VHS? Of course, I'd like to have the original movie from 1933, but if not I I'll be satisfied also with a movie from 1950's at the moment.

Thank you very much for the answer.

My e-mail:



De Ara1943, le 9 août 2004 à 16:17

Sure it is O.K. !

Hello Mladen. My English is somewhat limited (I speak with a very perceptible French Canadian accent) but I can manage a couple of precisions here : having searched this site and other sites in quest of a possible VHS release of Knock, I am afraid it never happened. Knock has never existed on VHS, let alone DVD. So the only possibility is to find it from someone in France who would have recorded it on TV – if the movie was ever put on the tube, that is. But here, we are entering the murky waters of the copyright laws of the Rench Republic…

So all we can do, I'm afraid, is arm ourselves with patience and pray. Yet a little bit of pressure can't do no harm : on this site and other sites, a couple of messages here and there can stir the pot and show to the eventual DVD editors that there is a public demand for that movie.



De alex nice, le 28 août 2014 à 13:33

hello i am still trying tofink knock version from 1933 if you have letmeknow thanks


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